Parents, so many of us have those picky eaters and we are all concerned about our children getting the appropriate nutrients they need to be healthy. But let’s be honest, how many children actually like vegetables? My daughter wouldn’t eat vegetables because she just didn’t like the way they looked. Yes, she actually said this to me before. Especially if they were green. My biggest concern as a parent is my daughter’s health and well-being. Is she getting the right nutrients? I even tried to hide the vegetables and she just wasn’t having that. She would find them and pick out what she believed was a veggie.
So I started a different approach which to my advantage actually works. I cook almost every day and instead of forcing her to eat the things she didn’t want to eat, I let her cook them with me. By doing this, she started to feel more independent and the more independent she felt, the more likely she was to try what she thinks she made (lol).
The first thing we cooked together was something that she actually enjoys eating so she can see what I usually put in it. I would advise starting with something your child already enjoys and if you do not add veggies, find one to add that will not mess up your dish in any way. I let my daughter help me make spaghetti which has tomatoes and I also use peppers and onions. First I chop up my ingredients and I allow her to add them to the pot. I then pour the amount of seasonings I use into a small container and allow her to add them to the pan and stir. After allowing her to make this dish with me, I noticed the first time that she ate more than usual without picking out the tomatoes and peppers so I figured let’s try this again. Now keep in mind I started this when she was 5 so I had to be mindful of the things she could and could not do in my kitchen (like cutting things). I do all the hard labor.
I absolutely love broccoli and I was a little offended that my daughter wouldn’t eat broccoli (lol). I tried to add cheese to it at one point and that didn’t work either. So again, I allowed her to cook it with me. Now its broccoli so it’s a simple recipe but I allowed her to help me make everything I was cooking that night. I allowed her to add the florets to the pan and add the butter and seasonings. And of course she wanted to eat the broccoli afterwards. Since I started this, my child now eats broccoli, carrots, the occasional green beans and a few others that I still hide in certain dishes. She is still picky but compared to how things used to be, I feel like I have made a lot of progress. This has truly helped for me and I hope it works for other parents as well.

Be sure to comment and let me know what you do for your picky eaters!


4 thoughts on “Picky-Eaters

  1. Hello, good morning. Well my little picky eater is my 3 year old daughter lol & she drives me a little nuts. What I do about her picky eating is, sing playful songs & we dance just to get her to eat what we’re eating. Hopefully as she gets older that picky eating will change.

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