Parenting secrets and bad days!


The thing about parenting is you can’t call out. You’re expected to be mommy or daddy at all times no matter the circumstances. Remember the commercial where the dad is sick and he walks into the room and tells the baby he’s gonna need the day off? Lol. As if. Super cute commercial but they gave him some medicine and said “sick dads don’t take the day off”. And neither does hungover mommies.

After a long week of work, I like to have myself a few glasses of wine. Saturday mornings my daughter has gymnastics or some other activity and I may or may not have a little more than anticipated but guess what, I cannot call out. So I put my sunglasses on and hit the road. Since I can’t take the day off, let me at least tell you guys how I survive.

Firstly, the classes aren’t that long and they also prefer parents not to be there because children show off when their parents are around. I take some Aleve or Advil, whatever you prefer, drop her off, and go back to my car. During that time, I set my alarm for 1 minute before class lets out and I take a damn nap (don’t be the parent to oversleep). Call me what you want, but listen, parenting ain’t easy! My windows are NOT tinted so I’m sure all the other “perfect parents” walk pass judging. Not to mention, this will likely be the only chance at taking a nap you will get on a Saturday and taking a nap on a Saturday is a blessing. You know what I mean I’m sure.

If you don’t already have one of those airplane pillows, buy one immediately and leave it in your car. You’re going to need it to avoid a sniff neck. No more watching from the windows, so you look like #1 mom or dad, NO, you probably already are #1 mom or dad for all the other things you do.

My purpose for writing this post is because I feel like so many parents are afraid of being judged so they don’t share the downside of being a parent or the bad days. I absolutely love being a mommy and I like to believe I’m a damn good one, but I also have bad days. What can I say, I’m human. I read a lot of other bloggers posts on parenting and sometimes I want to comment and ask “how hard is it to be that perfect? Is it even possible?”

Thanks for reading!!

Feel free to comment and let me know your worse parenting moment or how you get through your bad days. Nothing that will get child services involved. Lol


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