How I got my daughter to drink more water

We all know how important drinking water is and most of us want to drink water more often. It’s easy for an adult to force themselves to drink more water but is it easy to make our children drink water? Probably not. They’re children and they enjoy the taste of anything sweet. I drink plenty of water and I now have my 7 year old drinking just as much. Here’s my secret.

Firstly I’m not a big fan of sweet drinks. I drink coffee and green tea in the mornings and I just add a tab of sugar and throughout the day I drink only water, occasionally I’ll have OJ with my breakfast. You’re probably wondering how do you get your 7 year old to drink a lot of water. Honestly this was not an easy task but it managed to work for me. When I would go shopping I would always buy cases of water and a few juices. In the beginning I was the only one drinking water and I would always run out of juice because my daughter and fiancé would only drink juice. I started buying less juice and more water and eventually they didn’t have a choice but to drink the bottled waters instead. Neither of them are going to go shopping.

Recently I went shopping and decided to buy only waters and no juice. I know, you’re probably thinking that’s just insane. Lol. However, it actually worked. A person that is thirsty will drink whatever is cold and in the refrigerator and they just got used to drinking water. They still drink juice of course, however I buy it a lot less than before. We now literally argue over the last bottle of water in my household. I found myself getting annoyed one day and then I realized I’ve accomplished my goal and instead of getting annoyed by them drinking the last water, just buy more. Needless to say, my method to stop buying juices worked. Whenever I have other kids over, I make them drink water and most of them drink it with no problem because that’s their only option.

For those of you who are still struggling in general with drinking water if you like lemon or cucumbers, try slicing some up and adding it to your water. It’s very refreshing and it helps give your water some additional flavor.

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