Super Bowl win for my hometown

As you all already know, the Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl. I know some of you are probably wondering, why is this important? And you are probably NOT a Philadelphia native like myself. Listen, this is a big deal for our city even if you are not a fan of football. Most of us have been waiting for this our entire lives and it feel so amazing. I come from generations of Eagles fans so this is even more exciting for me and my family. If you are not an eagles fan and you live in Philadelphia currently just MOVE or at least support your home team. There will be no hate tolerated towards our champions.

I spent the day watching the game with my family and a few friends and we drank a few cocktails as we witnessed the VICTORY. After the win, we listened to “we are the champions” and chanted “Fly Eagles Fly” over and over as we celebrated. After the game we cheered outside at Frankford and Cottman ave with thousands of other Eagles fans and supporters who have been waiting for this day as long as they could remember. I am usually not one to join big crowds but Sunday February 4, 2018 was a day/night to remember so I couldn’t miss it and our parade will be just as unforgettable.

I had a DR appointment the following day and my pressure was so much higher than usual and I can honestly say it was due to the excitement from the game. I was emotional, excited, anxious, and just about any other emotion you could think of. I started writing this post Saturday before the game because I had faith in my home team but I stopped after the first few sentences because I was so nervous about the game I didn’t even know how to write my predictions and I must say, REALITY feels so much better than predictions. I am so excited that we won the Super Bowl and I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with my readers. If you are from my city, you are just as excited I’m sure or at least you should be. This is a VICTORY for the books and the city of Philadelphia needed this win.

Comment and let me know how you are celebrating this win if you are an Eagles fan.

8 thoughts on “Super Bowl win for my hometown

  1. This is definitely a special moment for #ourcity! As you said, most of us have been waiting all of our lives to see this happen and we couldn’t be more proud of #ourteam! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLESSSSS!!🦅


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