Going Vegan

I decided to go Vegan and wanted to share with you guys my plans and reasons behind it. Firstly before I continue I wanted to express that this is a decision I made on my own. Back In September of 2017 I challenged myself to a plant based diet for 30 days and the first thing I was asked was “did you watch What the Health?” And my answer was NO and it still is NO. Needless to say, my 30 day challenge was a success and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I did this to see how my body would react, specifically my stomach. I have serious digestive problems which causes stomach pain and discomfort that I’ve had for years. Not only did my stomach pain decrease, my skin was clearer, I was always in a good mood (well most of the time LOL), I lost 12lbs (this wasn’t part of my plan) and I felt better than I did in years. So here I am a few months later willing to make it happen again.

People think that being a Vegan is expensive. It isn’t that it’s super expensive, it’s more so you shop more because you are buying fresh fruits and veggies more often. The thing I’ve learned during my first challenge is buying meat substitutes is what makes your shopping trips more expensive. I didn’t like a lot of the meat substitutes that I tried so those will be removed from my shopping list which will help reduce cost. I have a bad habit of just going to the market and buying whatever I see. This time around I will make a shopping list and actually follow it. This helps to stop me from buying unnecessary items that I forget all about. Also it helps me create a budget and stick to it.

The biggest key to being successful is planning ahead and meal prepping every week. I work during the week so Sunday’s will be the best day to prep. I am a very boring eater most of the time so eating the same stuff for lunch isn’t a problem for me and for dinner I will try and mix it up a little each night. I’d rather eat the same thing over and over than try something different and be disappointed. During the week I plan on coming up with lunch and dinner ideas for the following week to prepare myself. I think that planning and preparation are a big part of being successful in any type of diet you wish to follow. I find it very difficult trying to figure out what I’m going to eat when I cut certain products out of my diet if I don’t prepare or prep. It makes it easier for me to just have whatever is available especially when I’m hungry when I don’t have a plan in place.

Just to get an idea of what Vegans are eating, here is a list of my menu for week one. I may make a few adjustments throughout the week.

For breakfast I will just have fruit smoothies. I usually add spinach to my smoothies and this will usually hold me over until lunch. For lunch I will have Vegan chili over brown rice, I meal prepped this for 4 days so Friday I will wing it. For dinner I am having vegetable stir fry for the first half of the week and Veggie burgers with oven baked fries for the second half. I may only have fries one night and add a vegetable with my burger instead.

I will write a follow up post in a few months to share with you guys how everything is going. Feel free to comment and let me know how you maintain and manage your diets.

Meals for week one


Vegan Chili

Vegetable Stir Fry

13 thoughts on “Going Vegan

  1. I have attempted the plant based diet (I would say vegan, but that would be an insult) but failed miserably, I love the principles behind it. But found that finding the correct recipes or what to eat difficult. This looks Lush!

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  2. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I do believe that everyone should eat like one for (at least) several days a few times a year. This kind of “detox” can do wonders for the mind & body – like hitting the reset button. We also try to sprinkle in a few veggie only meals a week – not a huge lifestyle change, but it helps.

    BTW, What the Health was a joke at best. I thought it was pure propaganda. You should watch it just to see what you think.

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  3. I am SO happy to read this! I have been eating vegan 4 days a week the last few months and I seriously love it. You nailed every important thing about it in this post!

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