Kalahari Resort Family Getaway Review

img_9625-1Do you live in Philadelphia or surrounding areas and looking for somewhere to take your kids for the weekend? Looking for a quick getaway? Don’t worry I got you covered. I live in Philadelphia and often times just want to take a road trip somewhere quick and fun that the family can enjoy. We are about 2 hours from the Poconos in Pennsylvania and a lot of people don’t know that there’s so much to do there but my favorite place is Kalahari Resort. Don’t worry if you are not in Philly, they have locations in Ohio, Wisconsin, and soon Texas as well. Stay tuned as I review Kalahari and let you know all of my pros and cons.

Kalahari is one of the largest indoor water parks in the US and my family and I have been here several times. It’s about an hour and 45 minute drive on a good day from where we live in Philadelphia. There is so much to do here no matter what age you are. I enjoy going during the winter. Firstly, when it’s cold outside you don’t even notice because it’s always 80 degrees inside. If you are staying at their resort you can just walk to the water park in your swim gear and not have to worry about carrying anything with you, not even your wallet. You can charge everything to your room if you need to and if you need to carry anything, of course they have lockers and also Cabanas for rent.


If you travel during a time like Spring break, it’s very busy here. I waited almost an hour just to get food inside of the water park which was very annoying. Note to Kalahari, you have to staff better during your busier seasons. The other times we went it was not this crowded and there weren’t any long waits so maybe I got a little spoiled (lol). The lines to check in can be very long. However, if your room isn’t ready, you can start using the water park as soon as possible and they will take your things (Pro actually). It’s a little pricey to stay here but Water Park passes are included each day you stay. They are still expanding so there is construction going on outside (this part doesn’t bother me but I’m sure it will bother some of you. This only means next time I go, there’s even more to do).


This resort is very family friendly and newly renovated. They just expanded it so now they have even more water slides and more things to do. For my parents who enjoy drinking, there’s several bars around, and at least 2 swim up bars. If you have older children, you will likely spend a lot of your time at the swim up bar and let the kids do what they please (lol). They have early park access hours if you are a hotel guest (water park is open to the public). The hotel has multiple restaurants so you don’t have to leave if you want to have a nice dinner. If you want something more casual, they have options at the water park. They also have a really large arcade which also has casual dining options as well. The arcade is great for those who have been at the water park for 6 hours and it’s only 5 pm and you are tired of the water. Especially if you are staying for more than 1 night.

As I mentioned, it is a bit pricey for a weekend getaway. Here are some alternatives to help you get to Kalahari if you are interested but on a budget. Firstly check Groupon because they always have deals which are almost half the cost. If possible, try planning your trip during the week as it is less expensive than the weekend. Avoid going during occasions like Spring break if you do not have to, the price almost doubles plus it’s so much more crowded. There are several hotels nearby so compare the prices to those hotels and buy day passes to the park for each day you wish to attend. It’s not as convenient as staying at the resort but I’ve done this before and I saved probably a few hundred dollars and the hotel we stayed at was only about 7 mins away and it was a nice hotel. Of course I prefer to stay at the resort but this is a great option to consider if you are on a budget.

My daughter wanted to go back to Disney World and that was not an option because it’s Disney World and we are not rich (lol). We took her here the first time and she stopped asking to go back to Disney and now she keeps asking for Kalahari (lol). So you get the picture. It costs us so much less to take her to Kalahari twice in one year then going to Disney once. As long as your children are satisfied, who cares where you take them? I love Disney World and I am not comparing the two but wanted to let you know that children just want to go somewhere sometimes away from home.

Thanks for reading.

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