A message to all my Mother’s

Mother’s Day is approaching and I wanted to take the time to acknowledge all of the amazingly stunning moms out there. Firstly, being a mother is not an easy job. There is so much that comes with parenting in general especially if you are a mother. Please understand that this post is not to take anything away from all of my amazing fathers out there and what they do. However, let’s be honest motherhood is no joke.

Let’s start with the process of giving birth. First of all we carry our children for 9 months and then give birth like a true soldier. Whether you go completely natural or have an unfortunate situation where you have to have a cesarean, GIRL, you are a soldier for the amount of strength and energy you need for this process. Then there’s the nursing stage. Let me remind you that this can be a painful and uncomfortable process for some women but they choose to do this because of the health benefits.

Most of us have a ton of help I’m sure but when that baby/child is crying in the middle of the night, who gets up? When that baby/child is sick in the middle of the night, who rushes them to the emergency room? Listen, we do so much as women in general and sometimes our hard work goes unnoticed and being a mother can add so much pressure and stress to women at times. Not to mention the women who suffer postpartum depression. That’s a real thing guys in case you didn’t know and it can be a very tragic experience.

So today I am simply here to say thank you to all my amazing mother’s out there who go above and beyond for their children. Ladies, you deserve the world. To all of my full time working moms, who are just doing it all, working, going to school, and still being the best damn mommy you can be, in the words of Martin, “YOU GO GIRL”! Let’s take the time today to put a smile on her face. Your wife, your mother, your girlfriend, your sister, your cousin, your grandmother or just a random lady picking her kid up from daycare. Make her feel appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful hard working ladies!

And now!

2 thoughts on “A message to all my Mother’s

  1. Coming from someone who is not a Mommy, I’m amazed at what you ladies do! Being a good mother is one of the most selfless things that one can do. Happy Mother’s Day ladies and a special Happy Mother’s Day to you Jasmine, as I get to witness the amazing care that you always give to your daughter ❤️

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